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Access Control Systems

Access Control

One key to your business in the wrong hands could be disastrous.

Do you have a plan?

Imagine you just fired a disgruntled employee who left in a hurry. Did you get the keys to your business? Would they come back to retaliate? Of course, nobody likes to imagine this scenario and even fewer plan for it. But Not planning for it could put your business, and lives, in danger.

Protect your business with affordable commercial access control and always know who is on the premises, when, and where. Whether it’s to control who has access to your front door or the storage with worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, with an access control system you’ll be able to control who has access to your place of business and control levels of access with ease!

With an access control system within your office you’ll be able to:

• Limit access by room and by employee
• Easily manage users and access from software
• Generate reports on times, dates and who accessed rooms
• Get prompts when employees enter or exit a room
• Terminate access when employees leave the company
• Have the ability to add video to door systems
• And much more!

IQ Life Safety Systems has over a century's worth of combined expertise in the industry helping businesses to secure their place of business with affordable, expandable access control systems. Whether you’re looking to secure a hospital, campus, warehouse or any place of business, IQ Life Safety Systems will custom design you a system that is tailored for your business and within budget.

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